Will Pinterest be the next platform?


By Erlend

May 15th, 2012


When building web and mobile products, you have to think about platforms. If anything, platform strategy and integration is probably the most important aspect of building consumer web and mobile products today. For instance, if you’re building a social product your users are already on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter so you’ll want to make sure to integrate tightly with one or all of those platforms. If you’re building a mobile or “local” product, where geo-location is important, you may go with Android, Apple, and/or Google (maps for local). Video? YouTube.

But, what if you’re building a product for images? Until now, you probably built on top of Google Images or perhaps Facebook. But what about Pinterest? Is it the next image platform?

Pinterest is still small

But, it’s growing really fast

It’s a bit early perhaps to tell what might happen to this growth curve, and it has flattened a bit now, but one thing is for sure: Pinterest is addictive and usage is through the roof!

Now, surely is has a long way to go before it becomes a true “platform” but developers have been tinkering with the data for a while. For example, check out MapInterest – an early Pinterest Mashup. (The official API for Pinterest has not been released yet).

But what about copyright?

Pinterest is about sharing photos – widely – and copyright challenges represent a major risk area for the company and users. It is true that the Digital Millennium Act shields Pinterest from copyright infringing photos posted by its users, but that may not be enough according to this Forbes article. (We’re watching this one closely as Azimba – a product we have in development at Fabric may touch on similar issues.)

Do you think you’ll be building products on top of Pinterest? Will it be the next “image platform?”

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  • Russell

    naw. it’s just another web page builder. it’s about links/photos not a fundamental platform.

    who cares. it will be gamed by advertisers and spammers. thus it will get big and be worth a lot until it’s not.

    • http://www.fabricinteractive.com Erlend

      @Russ: It’s definitely early and it’s about photos and links now. Not unlike Twitter in the early days? Yeah, I know, it’s a stretch ;)